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Registered fire engineer examination subjects

Registered first-level registered fire engineer examination subjects in previous years are divided into three subjects: "Fire Safety Technology Practice", "Fire Safety Technology Comprehensive Ability" and "Fire Safety Case Analysis", all subjects must pass within 3 consecutive years. Can be registered.

The test questions of the first two subjects are objective questions, which are answered on the answer card; the question type of "Fire Safety Case Analysis" is subjective questions, that is, according to the content of the given case, answer the questions raised, and the answer is written in the test paper on. Candidates should bring a black ink pen, 2B pencil, eraser, and calculator with silent and textless editing functions.

Examination process
registration time
(Usually around August)
Outline / textbook
(Usually around July)
Admission ticket print
(10 days to one week before the test)
Take the test
(November 9 and 10)
Result inquiry
(Usually February 28 of the following year)
Receive a certificate
(Around May)
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