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Registration time of a registered fire engineer

The registration time for the first-level registered fire engineer exam in 2020 has not yet been announced. Click to view the latest information about the registration time of the first-level registered fire engineer exam >>

Eligible applicants can log in to the designated website to fill in and submit application information online within the prescribed time, and go through the qualification review and payment procedures in accordance with relevant regulations. Candidates can take the exam at the specified time and place with the admission ticket. (For detailed registration arrangements, please refer to the application documents of each province)

To apply for the first-level registered fire engineer qualification examination, the following supporting documents must be provided: registration form, corresponding academic credentials and photocopy, some subjects who are exempt from the test must also provide senior engineer technical qualification certificate, first-level registered architect qualification certificate and photocopy Documents, personal identity card (or officer ID) and photocopies, if you need to entrust the qualification verification and other matters, you must issue a power of attorney.

The examination fee (registration fee) for the first-level registered fire engineer is different and is generally around 65-69 yuan per subject.

Examination process
registration time
(Usually around August)
Outline / textbook
(Usually around July)
Admission ticket print
(10 days to one week before the test)
Take the test
(November 9 and 10)
Result inquiry
(Usually February 28 of the following year)
Receive a certificate
(Around May)
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