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Certificate lethality: Certificate of ConstructionCertificate of ConstructionCertificate of ConstructionCertificate of ConstructionCertificate of Construction

Scope of practice: A registered construction engineer can practice in the country

Development direction: large project manager

Organization of examination department: jointly organized by the Ministry of Personnel and the Ministry of Construction

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Introduction to the first grade construction engineer exam

Certificate of Construction Engineer I

Examination introduction: The legal basis of the construction engineer system stipulates in Article 14 of the "Building Law of the People's Republic of China": "Professional and technical personnel engaged in construction activities shall obtain the corresponding professional qualification certificate according to law and engage in construction activities within the scope permitted by the practice certificate. "On February 27, 2003, the" Decision of the State Council on Cancelling the Second Batch of Administrative Examination and Approval Projects and Changing the Management Mode of a Batch of Administrative Examination and Approval Projects "(Guo Fa [2003] No. 5) stipulates:" Canceling the qualification approval of project managers of construction enterprises , Replaced by a registered builder, and established a transition period. " According to the above requirements of the State Council, the Ministry of Personnel and the Ministry of Construction decided to implement the construction engineer qualification system for professional and technical personnel of general contracting and construction management of construction projects, and issued the "Provisional Regulations on Construction Engineer Qualification System" ([2002] 111).

Construction engineer examination: Construction engineers are divided into construction engineers and construction engineers. The English translations are: Constructor and Associate Constructor. The first-level construction division is a construction qualification and a prerequisite for serving as a large-scale project manager. The construction qualifications of the first-level construction divisions follow a unified outline, unified propositions, and unified organization of the examination system, which are jointly organized and implemented by the Ministry of Personnel and the Ministry of Construction. In principle, the examination is held once a year. The Ministry of Construction is responsible for compiling the outline of the qualification examination for the first-level construction division and organizing the proposition work. The training is conducted in accordance with the principle of separate training and examinations and voluntary participation. Those who have obtained the qualification certificate of construction engineers and meet the registration requirements will obtain the first-level construction engineer registration certificate after registration. Registered builders can only be hired to practise. Before the expiry of the qualification registration of the construction division, it is necessary to go through the re-registration formalities. A registered builder can practise in the name of a registered builder nationwide.

The construction direction of the first-level construction engineer: After the construction engineer is registered and employed, he can act as a construction project manager in the name of the construction engineer, engage in the management of other construction activities, engage in laws, administrative regulations, or other businesses specified by the construction administrative department of the State Council. In performing the duties of a project manager, a first-level registered builder can serve.

Examination process
registration time
(Generally June-July)
Outline / textbook
(Usually May and June)
Admission ticket print
(10 days to one week before the test)
Take the test
(September 19 and 20)
Result inquiry
(Announced 2-3 months after the general test)
Receive a certificate
(Around April)
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