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Certificate lethality: Appraiser CertificateAppraiser CertificateAppraiser CertificateAppraiser Certificate

Scope of practice: Real estate appraisers can practice nationally

Organization of examination departments: Ministry of Construction and Personnel

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Introduction to the Real Estate Appraiser Exam

Certificate of Supervision Engineer

Examination introduction: According to the spirit of the document "Notice on Printing and Distributing the" Interim Provisions on the Real Estate Appraiser's Practice Qualification System "and" Implementation Measures for the Real Estate Appraiser's Practice Qualification Examination "(Jian Fang [1995] No. 147) The qualification system for real estate appraisers was implemented, and the examination began in 1995.

Examination of real estate appraisers : The qualification of real estate appraisers is subject to a unified national examination system. It is held once a year in principle. The Ministry of Construction and the Ministry of Personnel are jointly responsible for the policy formulation, organization and coordination, examination, registration and supervision of the national real estate appraiser's qualification system. Those who pass the qualification examination for real estate appraisers shall be issued by the Ministry of Personnel or its authorized departments for uniform printing by the Ministry of Personnel, and printed by the Ministry of Personnel and the Ministry of Construction for real estate appraisers.

Real estate appraisers' practice direction: The real estate appraisers referred to in these Provisions refer to those who have obtained the "Practice Qualification Certificate" of real estate appraisers after the national unified examination, and are engaged in real estate appraisal activities after registration. The state implements a system of certification and registration of practicing qualifications for real estate appraisers. All units engaged in real estate appraisal must be equipped with a certain number of real estate appraisers. Real estate appraisers must perform business within an institution that has been reviewed and evaluated by the real estate administrative department of the people's government at or above the county level and has obtained the qualification for real estate price evaluation (hereinafter referred to as the real estate price evaluation agency). The qualification level of the real estate price evaluation agency and its business scope shall be separately formulated by the construction administrative department of the State Council. Real estate appraisers perform business, and real estate price appraisal agencies accept commissions and charge fees uniformly. In the process of real estate price evaluation, the real estate price appraisal agency shall bear the compensation liability for economic losses caused to the parties due to illegal or disciplinary violations or serious mistakes. The real estate price appraisal agency shall have the right to recover from the signed real estate appraiser.

Excerpt from: "Interim Provisions on the Qualification System for Real Estate Appraisers " Excerpt from: "Administrative Measures for the Registration of Real Estate Appraisers"

Examination process
registration time
(Generally June-July)
Outline / textbook
(Generally June)
Admission ticket print
(10 days to one week before the test)
Take the test
(Expected October 17, 18)
Result inquiry
(Announced two months after the general test)
Receive a certificate
(Around March of the following year)
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