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Certificate lethality: Urban and Rural CertificateUrban and Rural CertificateUrban and Rural CertificateUrban and Rural Certificate

Organization of examination department: Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development

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Textbook / Syllabus: Exam Textbook

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Urban and Rural Planner Exam Introduction

Urban and Rural Planner Certificate

Examination introduction: Registered urban and rural planners refer to professionals who have obtained the professional qualification certificate of registered urban and rural planners through the national unified examination and are registered in accordance with the law.

In 2017, in order to strengthen the construction of professional and technical personnel in urban and rural planning, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the "Urban and Rural Planning Law of the People's Republic of China", on the basis of summarizing the implementation of the professional qualification system of the originally registered urban planners, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, housing and urban and rural construction The ministry has formulated the "Provisions on the Vocational Qualification System for Registered Urban and Rural Planners" and "Implementation Measures for the Vocational Qualification Examination of Registered Urban and Rural Planners".

National staff and related personnel engaged in the implementation, management, and research of urban and rural planning can obtain a professional qualification certificate for registered urban and rural planners through examinations.

Examination for urban and rural planners : Registered urban and rural planners have a unified national outline, unified propositions, and unified examination system. Examinations are held once a year in principle. The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development is responsible for formulating the vocational qualification examination subjects and examination outlines for registered urban-rural planners, organizing the task of proposition review, and putting forward suggestions for passing the examination standards.

Urban-rural planner's career direction: engaged in urban-rural planning and related work.

Examination process
registration time
(Usually in August)
Outline / textbook
(Usually August)
Admission ticket print
(10 days to one week before the test)
Take the test
(October 20 and 21)
Result inquiry
(Announced two months after the general test)
Receive a certificate
(Around May)