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Real estate valuer registration management

(1) Those who have passed the unified examination for the qualifications of national real estate appraisers shall register within three months from the date of issuance of the qualification certificate for the qualification examination of real estate appraisers.

(2) The administrative department in charge of construction under the State Council or the department entrusted by it is the registration management agency for real estate appraisers (hereinafter referred to as the registration agency). The administrative department of construction of the people's government of the province and autonomous region, and the administrative department of real estate of the people's government of the municipality directly under the Central Government shall be the preliminary examination agency for registration and management of real estate appraisers within the administrative area (hereinafter referred to as the preliminary registration agency).

(3) Qualified personnel of the unified national qualification examination for real estate appraisers who fail to apply for registration or have not been approved for registration after the deadline, their qualifications can be retained for two years from the date of issuance of the qualification certificate for the real estate appraiser qualification examination. Those who apply for registration within the qualification retention period will be approved if they meet the registration requirements after being approved. If you apply for registration after the expiration of the two-year period, you must participate in the appraisal business training organized by the Chinese Society of Real Estate Appraisers or its designated organization and meet the continuing education standards before you can be registered.

(4) Registration is not allowed under any of the following circumstances:

(1) does not have full capacity for civil conduct;

(2) As a result of being subject to criminal punishment, less than five years have elapsed from the date when the criminal punishment was completed to the date of application for registration;

(3) Being under administrative penalties or dismissing administrative sanctions due to mistakes in real estate price evaluation or related business, less than two years from the date of the decision on punishment and sanction to the date of application for registration;

(4) Being subject to administrative penalties for revoking the registration certificate of a real estate appraiser for less than five years from the date of the penalty decision to the date of application for registration;

(5) Not practicing in a real estate price evaluation agency or practicing in two or more real estate price evaluation agencies;

(6) Other situations where registration is not permitted under relevant laws and regulations.

(5) To apply for a real estate appraiser, the following certification documents shall be provided:

(1) Application form for registration of real estate appraiser;

(2) The original certificate of the real estate appraiser's qualification examination, which is more than two years from the date of issuance, should be accompanied by certification materials that meet the continuing education standards;

(3) Proof of work performance;

(4) The unit's recommendation and certification of the unit's assessment.

Examination process
registration time
(Generally June-July)
Outline / textbook
(Generally June)
Admission ticket print
(10 days to one week before the test)
Take the test
(Expected October 17, 18)
Result inquiry
(Announced two months after the general test)
Receive a certificate
(Around March of the following year)
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