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Real Estate Appraiser Registration Time

Examination registration usually takes place from June to July of the year of the examination. For the specific registration time, please refer to the application documents published on the websites of the provincial personnel testing centers. You can also pay attention to the information on the registration section of the online school real estate appraiser channel.

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Eligible applicants can log in to the designated website to fill in and submit application information online within the prescribed time, and go through the qualification review and payment procedures in accordance with relevant regulations. Candidates can take the exam at the specified time and place with the admission ticket. (For detailed registration arrangements, please refer to the application documents of each province)

To apply for the real estate appraiser qualification examination, the following certification documents must be provided: "Real estate appraiser qualification examination qualification review form", proof of identity (identity card, motor vehicle driver's license, military officer's license, passport, Taiwan residents must also submit " Taiwan Residents Pass to and from the Mainland, the same below), graduation certificate, degree certificate, professional work certification related to real estate valuation and experience certification in real estate valuation practice, those who do not have the required academic qualifications must hold an economic major obtained through a unified national organization examination Junior qualification certificate or assistant professional qualification certificate of auditing, accounting and statistics (the above documents must be originals).

The real estate appraiser's examination fee (registration fee) is different and is generally between 60-85 yuan per subject.

Examination process
registration time
(Generally June-July)
Outline / textbook
(Generally June)
Admission ticket print
(10 days to one week before the test)
Take the test
(Expected October 17, 18)
Result inquiry
(Announced two months after the general test)
Receive a certificate
(Around March of the following year)
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